Pomegranate Phone Ad More Than Meets The Eye

I stared at the screen in disbelief.  Here was THE gadget to end all gadgets: The Pomegranate Phone.

Check out what this little device has to offer.  It is an:

Internet Browser

MP3 Player

A Cellular Phone

A Camera

A GPS System

A Global Voice Translator

A Video Player

A Movie Projector

A Razor

A Harmonica

...and it brews coffee by the cup.

That puts my PSP to shame!

Don't believe me?  Well, take a look at this commercial.

I want one!!!!  But...

...this is viral marketing at its finest!  It's actually an ad campaign from Nova Scotia Come To Life, promoting tourism to Nova Scotia.  I think it's quite brilliant.

This is more than simply a bait-n'-switch tactic.  Quite a bit of work went into this ad.  The production quality is excellent and extremely convincing-though I started doubting The Pomegranate's existence when it was used to make coffee.  It simply looks too small to hold that much water.  And the harmonica was pushing it.

I have no idea if this campaign has increased tourism to the area, but I can't deny that it's quite creative--and fun to view.

So... while this incredible device does not yet exist, I do have a new desire to visit Nova Scotia.  And that means that this ad has done its job.

If you wish to visit beautiful Nova Scotia (or to see a beautifully constructive interactive ad campaign for this nifty (yet unreal) device, please go to Pomegranate Phone.

If you wish to own a Pomegranate Phone... well... keep wishing.  I know I will.

Feb 19, 2009
by Anonymous


This is a hoax; why is it on an inventions website??

Feb 20, 2009
by John P. Barker
John P. Barker's picture


...I cover toys, gadgets, and marketing.  This would fall under the marketing area...

Feb 22, 2009
by Anonymous


that makes sense.

Mar 4, 2009
by Anonymous

Nova Scotia Come to life...

... is a place branding initiative separate from that province's Department of Tourism, Culture and Heritage. The campaign promote attributes of Nova Scotia other than it being a great place to visit, touting it as a great place to live, work, invest, study, etc., to encourage economic development Check it out for yourself" www.novascotialife.com