MP3 Bath Speaker Showers You With Sound


It started with the Sony Walkman decades ago; today people take for granted they can take their music with them everywhere they go. Well, not anywhere... would you want to take your pricy MP3 player into the shower, where those designer earbuds get in the way of hair-washing?

The Pomme MP3 Bath Speaker solves those problems while adding music to what has always been a most music-hostile environment. Pop your player into what appears to be a clear plastic jar and connect it to the built-in L-shape 3.5mm diameter stereo mini plug. Turn it on, hang it up and get wet & wild to your fave sounds!

According to the distributor, there are a few advisories listeners should note. Besides not coming with an MP3 player (duh!), you need to set the volume before sealing the player in the speaker.

They also advise that "using this speaker for an excessive amount of time in the shower is not recommended," though it's not stated how much time is deemed to be excessive. YMMV is the watchword here. Last and not least, you'll want to consider the wisdom of Jerry Seinfeld, who questions the wisdom of dancing naked on a slippery surface beside a glass door. 

Now to the specs... the Pomme MP3 Bath Speaker comes in your choice of pink, green or white and costs 1,050 yen (around $11.50) plus shipping. It's approximately 8cm (3.2") in diameter and is 15.9cm (6.36") tall. Only MP3 players smaller than 11.5cm (4.6") high by 6.2cm (2.48") wide by 1.2cm (.48") thick will fit inside, so check to be sure your music player measures up.

Sep 8, 2009
by Anonymous

MP3 Bath Speaker

We like your idea and would like to market it in South Africa. Interested, drop us a line......