Pomme Bebe Opens An Organic Baby Food Bar in Newport Beach

Pomme Bebe takes the baby food industry to a whole new level by offering a sample tasting bar of their organic, green baby food and providing home delivery from their online store.













The company came about, to provide a fresh alternative to standard jarred baby foods that can spend up to two years on grocery store shelves before being brought home and consumed. For years, busy moms have also made their own fresh purees for their little ones, but it can be time consuming to create enough meals to give a baby well-rounded nutrition.

 To provide a convenient, fresh baby food option, Pomme Bebe has three menus that cater to the food requirements of babies at various ages. The Basics menu is for ages six months and up and currently includes apple, butternut squash, carrot, green bean, green pea, pear, and sweet potato purees. The Blends line, for babies 8 months and up features some interesting organic pureed concoctions like pear-kiwi-apricot, spinach-sweet potato and chicken pot pie blend. The Tots menu, for children aged 12 months and older provides a variety of interesting fresh food items like turkey lasagna, chicken provencal, or autumn stew. Menu items cost between $3.25 and $5, so while creative and healthy, you do pay for what you get.

 Since even babies can be picky, as moms know well, in addition to their online products which they ship in insulated bags with ice, they have a baby bar and lounge in Newport Beach, California so babies can sample the products and pick their favorites for mom or dad to order. For social tots, they also host playgroups and events for babies, with fresh snacks and fun, age appropriate activities.

Pomme Bebe is a great option for busy parents who want healthy, organic options for their little bundles of joy, and its providing itself to be a leader in the green baby industry.

Jan 4, 2009
by Beth Graddon-Hodgson
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 I will definitely take a

 I will definitely take a look at your website, thank you!

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Jan 5, 2009
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