Poncho Tent Keeps You Dry While Walking Or Sleeping

In the latest example of why a sum is not always greater than the value of its parts, we have the poncho tent. Not quite as intriguing as the [tent + sleeping bag + coat] known as the JakPak, the poncho tent out of Japan doubles as tent and rain coat. But it doesn't look like it's particularly comfortable as either. 

In an effort to make the tent waterproof, the company had to build a tiny face opening that's pointed down. Not comfortable. And it's really more of a shelter than a tent, since you don't have a floor. 

What you do have is an instant tent--I assume you can simply kneel down and stake this thing out from the inside. Without a floor, you could probably just reach underneath the bottom edge to stake out ( I don't see an entrance, so I assume that's the only way to do it.) It looks like it pitches with hiking poles. Given how quickly a mountain squall can bear down on you, an instant jacket tent is actually a really great, useful idea. I just think it needs better execution--like a zippered face opening.

I say, if you need something like this, hack your own better version with a piece of waterproof fabric. You may not have a choice because I don't see a manufacturer or Web page advertising this anywhere. You could also go with a different storm shelter rom a more established company. This Brooks-Range Alpini Shelter isn't a poncho, but it is a packable, lightweight shelter that you can throw over yourself in a storm. 

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