Ponoko Lets You Create And Sell Your Own Products

Do you have a design idea for jewelry or other products but don't know where or how to get started?

There is now a solution in Ponoko, the world's largest marketplace for product plans. The company provides the first platform in the world enabling anyone to create and sell, as well as buy, customized products on their web storefront.

Ponoko provides compelling combination of web commerce and digital make-on-demand services. As a seller, one can create customized goods of their own and distribute their product to the world without the traditional challenges of manufacturing their product or finding a way to sell their product. Once an account is opened for free, ideas can be turned into real products by preparing and uploading product plans, choosing the materials, and just clicking to make them. The design is uploaded, material is selected (and paid for) and products are created! You can utilize a handy online tool where designs are uploaded for a local Ponoko factory to create and send to you an actual product from your design.

To sell the creations (for free), take some pictures, upload, decide on the price and display in the Ponoko showroom. The products are then shipped directly to the customer without having to worry about maintaining inventory or distribution channels.

ODB Necklace: by BzaODB Necklace: by Bza


You can design a product and get it made in your own personal factory. You can also edit and mashup their collection of forms of product plans you can download from Ponoko to create something completely original. The product plans range from wearable art, household items, designer crafted jewelry, and accessories. The resulting designs are showcased on the website and consumers may purchase them through PayPal or a credit card.

Although the service has upfront costs, there are no minimum orders, and sellers are freed from the need to manage inventory. Ponoko includes a larger quantity of custom products than competitors like CafePress and Zazzle, which also allow one to submit custom designs that are then manufactured by request.

The marketplace at Ponoko connects consumers, creators, service providers and digital manufacturing hardware to make and trade products on Ponoko. This open exchange process bypasses centralized product creation and distribution, thereby reducing the environmental impacts of manufacturing. Ponoko is currently free of competitors in such strengths.

Endoplasm Hanging Planter by PollenEndoplasm Hanging Planter by Pollen

To celebrate summer and show appreciation for their jewelry designers, the company currently has a contest where a designer can win $1,000. The design should be inspired by summer and the community votes on the best design. The top 20 would get their product made and shipped for free with the winner getting $1,000 cash, free making for a month and free home page advertising for a month. More information can be found at Ponoko Design Challenge.

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