Poo To The Rescue Once More: EcoFaeBrick

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Before I tell you about this next innovation I want to inform you that I don't have a fascination with dung, despite how much I've written about it. I do however find it fascinating how many wonderful products can be made with this sort of waste. It is even more fascinating how beneficial using it can be. This next innovation, a brick made with cow manure, is a perfect example.

This innovative brick made with 75% cow dung is sustainable, and affordable. It is also 20% stronger (in terms of compressive strength) and 20% lighter than clay bricks. So it is of a higher quality than clay bricks, but sold at the price of an ordinary clay brick.

Who is responsible? A group of students from Prasetiya Mulya Business School in Indonesia created this brick and they won the 2009 Global Social Venture Competition for their invention. The group, now a company, EcoFaeBrick, established in 2009 and partnered with Faerumnesia, has a "mission to provide a high economic solution to the waste problems in farming areas".

So far the company has had a good start. In addition to making it affordable for consumers to buy the brick, the quality of life of the farmers EcoFaeBrick has partnered with will improve as well because EcoFaeBrick will be increasing their income by 53%.  

How is this brick by EcoFaeBrick sustainable? Because cow dung is collected and used, instead of clay, to make these bricks there is no need for clay excavation, which seriously damages land. In addition the bricks are cured in biogas instead of firewoods. This "reduces 1,692 ton of CO2 per year. It is equal to changing 269 cars into hybrid cars" (EcoFaeBrick).

What does the future hold for EcoFaeBrick? The company is planning to expand the project to 22 potential rapid developing areas scattered all around Indonesia and also "22 other areas around the world which have the similar situation and offer opportunities to replicate the business".

For more information visit EcoFaeBrick.

Via Inhabitat and EcoFaeBrick