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12 New Dog Breeds Created By Show Groomers!

7.  CamelAPoo

Poodle:: Cindy




8.  DefensiveLineAPoo


Photo: Ren Netherland/Barcroft MediaPhoto: Ren Netherland/Barcroft Media


Aug 25, 2009
by Anonymous

That's some weird looking poo...

Damn, and I've always preferred dog owners over cat owners... I may have to re-assess...

Aug 26, 2009
by Anonymous


Thank god dogs are stupid and have unconditional love

Sep 6, 2009
by Anonymous


This is right of there with Toddlers and tiaras. An idiot idea with a weak attempt to be passed off as art? They put art back into fart. Because this stinks!

Sep 16, 2009
by Anonymous

Designer dog?!?

Just had to re-assess my estimates of the average IQ! My dog would not allow this!