Poodle Dress-Up Spray Bottle Covers Make Cleaning Cuter

Give boring household spray bottles an extreme makeover of the cute kind with Poodle dress-up spray bottle covers from Japan. Available in black, brown and pink, these fleecy, furry, 100% polyester washable covers zip up over most spray cleaning bottles and add a whimsical note to any home's décor.

Why exile your home cleaning sprays to the dark recesses beneath the kitchen and bathroom sinks? Because they don't do anything to improve your home's appearance, that's why! That's about to change in a big way, thanks to the creative folks at Japan's Marna.

“Your spray bottle becomes your favorite pet!,” according to the copy at Marna's website and while that may be a slight exaggeration, you'll surely be looking at your spray bottles in a very different way once they've been dressed up.

These zip-up spray bottle covers are of the “one size fits all” persuasion assuming the bottles to be covered are roughly 28cm (11.2") in circumference and approximately 15 cm (6") in height. Keep that proviso in mind before ordering.

Speaking of which, if you can't find these endearing Poodle dress-up spray bottle covers at your favorite home accessories store in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, France of the USA, they can be purchased online for 980 yen (about $10.52) each at The Poodle Channel's virtual store on Rakuten.