Poodle Skirts Are Back... For Dogs

Poodle skirts went out in the 50's!  Or, so I thought.  Whether women are wearing retro or not, dogs are, and you clearly don't have to be a Poodle to wear a Poodle skirt!  Some of the 10 dogs shown in Poodle skirts look just like they were born to wear these skirts - like real 1950's dogs, and others... well, let's just say they're from another generation....

Here are ten absolutely adorable dogs in poodle skirts for you to enjoy:

1.  Poodle In A Person-Matching Poodle Skirt

I don't know for sure the original origin of this photo, but you have to admit, both girl and her poodle are adorable - even more so in poodle skirts. (photo source)


 Matching Poodle skirts: via The Poodle and Dog BlogMatching Poodle skirts: via The Poodle and Dog Blog



2. Chihuahua In Poodle Skirt/Harness/Dress

There had to be a Chihuahua in a Poodle skirt; it just had to be.  But such a lovely one?  In sundress style, the poodle print skirt and the tight pink bodice is enough to make any female she were back in the 50's.  In addition to the D-ring harness and the two bowed pockets on the skirt back, the dress comes with a matching hat and leash. From the Pet Boutique.


Chihuahua in Poodle SkirtChihuahua in Poodle Skirt


3.  Wheaton Terrier In Poodle Skirt

Professional photographer David Poe, aka mockstar, caught this lovely Wheaton at the bar at a dog costume contest in Times Square, NY.


Wheaton Terrier in Poodle skirt: ©mockstarWheaton Terrier in Poodle skirt: ©mockstar


Mar 1, 2011
by Anonymous

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