Poodle Skirts Are Back... For Dogs


4. Poodle In People Skirt

Fooled you! But oh, change the applique, and it could easily be a Poodle skirt.  The Poodle clearly looks at home in it, like a ballerina in her workout clothes.  Her mom, Sakuako Kitsa, is also a professional photographer.  She sure knows how to dress and photograph her darling Poodle!


Poodle in people skirt: © Sakuako KitsaPoodle in people skirt: © Sakuako Kitsa


5.  Pink Poodle Skirt Outfit

This dog is of unknown origin and may not even be a real dog, but the outfit really is cute.  And it's available at Georgi's Petwear


Pink Poodle Skirt OutfitPink Poodle Skirt Outfit



6. Sweet Mutt In Poodle Skirt

Oh please!  The poor dog who had to model this get-up...  I'm just the reporter, you know, and I stole this goofy photo from the Cleveland Seniors blog!


Dog in Poodle skirtDog in Poodle skirt


Mar 1, 2011
by Anonymous

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