Poodle Skirts Are Back... For Dogs


7. Daschund In Poodle Skirt/Harness/Dress

Oh how precious!  This outfit is nicely made with an embroidered gray poodle and it even has a belt! I love the dresses that also serve as harnesses too.   You can even purchase this peachy keen Poodle Skirt at Hands N Paws.


Daschund in Poodle Skirt/Harness/DressDaschund in Poodle Skirt/Harness/Dress



8.  Pomeranian In Poodle Skirt Dress

The Poodle Skirt Dress is being sold as a Halloween costume, and I suppose any of the Poodle skirt outfits could be used for Halloween.  But why wait?  These Poodle skirts are in right now... so, you dig? It's on sale at JB Pet.com.


Pomeranian in Poodle skirt dress.Pomeranian in Poodle skirt dress.


9. Brittainy Spaniel in Poodle Skirt/Dress

Ooh.  Here's a sweetie just dreamin' about her date at the sock hop.  The Poodle applique stands out smartly on the pink skirt.  This is a one piece dress available from the Carafund store.


Brittainy Spaniel in Poodle Skirt/DressBrittainy Spaniel in Poodle Skirt/Dress



10. Pug In A Poodle Skirt

Here is a Pug, who looks more than a bit uncomfortable in his poodle skirt and saddle shoes (also from the '50's).The only thing missing from this pug's costume is a pair of bobby socks!  Wait a minute... those are bobby socks, but it is not a Pug in a Poodle skirt... it's a figurine of a Pug in a Poodle Skirt!  Found here...


Pug in a Poodle skirtPug in a Poodle skirt


These Poodle skirts for dogs are really the bee's knees... and I know all about them!

That's the buzz for today!


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Mar 1, 2011
by Anonymous

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