+ Pool Could Be The World's First Water-Filtering Floating Pool

+ Pool+ Pool

How many people actually swim in the Hudson and East Rivers? Not many. New York City is surrounded by water, yet the water isn't the cleanest and that deters potential swimmers. That's where the + Pool comes in. This community pool will float on one of New York's rivers and filter the river water through its walls, making the water inside the pool clean and great for swimming. 

+ Pool Filtration+ Pool Filtration

The + Pool is basically a giant, cross-shaped strainer that will clean the river waters. The walls of the + Pool are its filtration system and will catch any bacteria and contaminants passing through them from the river. What this means, short-term, is the water inside the floating pool is clean and safe to swim in. What it means, long-term, is that the + Pool is helping purify the city's rivers--up to a half a million gallons a day. 

If you live in New York, you know that no such thing exists just yet. However, the guys behind this idea, which has proven to be quite popular, have already run preliminary test on water quality in the East River and effectiveness of various filtration materials. The concept for the + Pool raised enough money in its initial Kickstarter fundraising campaign to fund these tests, and now the backers of this project can see their money being used to test these filtration membranes in the river during different seasons (this stage of the project started earlier this year). 

+ Pool Layout+ Pool Layout

Brooklyn based naval architect, Persak and Wurmfeld, and Mackworth filtration technicians have teamed up with the people at + Pool to get this next round of testing done (testing is scheduled to run through this summer). When the testing is done, + Pool will have to be approved by state and local officials, and hopefully by 2016 the pool with be floating in the East River. To complete the final stages of this project and get the + Pool in the water, the people behind the concept are now selling engraved tiles, so you can literally stamp your name onto this project. To purchase a tile or for more information on the + Pool, check out their site