Pooped Out From Traditional Diapers? Rediscover a Classic.

Diaper changes don’t have to be hard on dad or the environment, thanks to an innovative alternative to the typical cloth diaper.

As a parent, sometimes there seems to be no compromise between green living and convenient solutions. Between recycling, keeping an eye out for BPA-free products and non-toxic household cleansers, a modern parent’s job is never done. However, one important responsibility just got easier – diaper changing.

If you aren’t a fan of disposable diapers that can clog up landfills, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of the cloth alternative, then check out bumGenius cloth diapers. Perfect even for clueless first time diaper changers, these diapers have a helpful Velcro fastener, which takes away the typical diaper pin danger of the original cloth concept.

Super quick changes are just up ahead, and this diaper is also washable. So ditch those hazardous safety pins and steer clear of polluting disposables. bumGenius has found the perfect solution to an age old issue. Visit their official website to choose from a fun variety of blue, yellow, green, white and pink diapers. Changing baby has never been easier - even dad can do it!

Oct 7, 2008
by M Dee Dubroff
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Funny and interesting piece.

informative and made me laugh too!

Good job! 


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