Pop Star Parties:VIP Birthday Parties For Aspiring Pop Princes and Princesses

We've seen business like Celeb 4 a Day or League of Rock that allow adults to live like rock stars and find them in the spotlight that they've been yearning for; but what about the children, don't they deserve to be treated like stars, too? A UK company thinks so, but instead of letting kids live like rock stars, they treat them like the little pop princes and princesses that they deserve to be!

Pop Star Parties, based in the UK specializes in hosting birthday parties that give kids the full pop star experience. Instead of just giggling about the Jonas brothers, or singing along to Miley Cyrus, kids can live like them for a day. At a chosen venue, Pop Star Parties will roll out the red carpet, and allow the guests of honor to pose for photos in front of [one or two] paparazzi that are awaiting them. After receiving their VIP passes, the wanna-be pop stars will be whisked away from the prying public eyes into the venue, where they will be greeted with non-alcoholic champagne for the real VIP experience.

Once in the party, the pop stars will have a chance to warm up vocally using a karaoke style machine, and then the recording process will begin, to memorialize their one night in the spotlight.

While Pop Star Parties does specialize in providing the VIP experience to children, they do also feature parties for adults, including a stag and hen night. Those who prefer to rock over the light and bubby pop tunes, can also choose to have a rock star themed party instead!

Via: CBC