Savor Like Chocolate Truffles: Designer Popcorn By 479°

Chocolate is not a popcorn flavor yet at 479°, but that doesn't stop the new popcorn company from creating some amazing chocolate truffle flavors in its popcorn. Fleur de sel caramel, Madras Curry Cashew, Chipotle Caramel Almond are three of the eight current popcorn flavors offered by 479°, and it's likely you won't be woofing them down by the handful. 479° is gourmet gourmet popcorn, meant to be savored just like those designer chocolate truffles.

Jean Arnold, the creative force and master chef at 479°, has been experimenting with exotic flavorings in all things delicious, having had both an international upbringing and training at one of the best cooking schools in the world, Le Condon Bleu. While experimenting with popcorn flavors, she discovered that 479° was the perfect temperature for popping! Thus, came... 479°.

Here are a few of the cast of popcorn characters:


Ginger Sesame CaramelGinger Sesame Caramel


Black Truffle & White CheddarBlack Truffle & White Cheddar


Pimentòn de La VeraPimentòn de La Vera


Alderwood smoked sea saltAlderwood smoked sea salt



479° sells its designer popcorn in 3 to 5-box collections and samplers, great for gifts or to have on hand for discerning guests. Below is The International Collection, including Ginger Sesame Caramel, Chipotle Caramel & Almonds, and Black Truffle & White Cheddar.




479°'s popcorn is all handmade by Ms. Arnold. Her ingredients are all organic and all local. 479° is as green as it can be right now, working with farmers that practice sustainable farming, composting all food waste, and using locally produced packaging made from sustainable forests.

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