Eat Your Snacks At A Snail's Pace With The Popcorn Grabber


Mmmm...popcorn.  It’s not so bad on its own.  In fact, as snacks go, it is pretty healthy to eat plain, air-popped popcorn.  Really though, who does that?  We load it up with butter (or some butter flavored substance), salt and seasonings.  I even have a friend who likes to toss in a handful of candy-coated chocolates with her hot, buttery popcorn because she likes the sweet/salty combo.  I have actually tried this on her recommendation and it is pretty addictive.  Anyways, the point is that the way that most of us eat popcorn is not doing us any favors.

Not to mention the fact that we pretty much always eat popcorn by the handful.  We may take the first few bites a kernel at a time, but after that it is a free for all.  To make matters worse, popcorn has become the snack of choice for people doing other things.  This means that we are mindlessly stuffing our faces while we watch movies, play games and sit in front of the TV. 

Out of Japan comes a potential solution to the mindless popcorn scarfing.  The Popcorn Grabber, or Potechi no Te, is made to only grab a kernel at a time.  The gadget is designed to slow down the user’s snacking, forcing him or her to eat more consciously.  If you are more of a chip addict it can also be used to pace you in this area.  Of course, this device only works for as long as you can keep from tossing it aside and going back to your usual ways.