PopitBall: A New Way to Practice Soccer

Juggling a soccer ball for extended periods is one of those useless skills that just looks good. You'll never need to juggle the ball 30 consecutive times while making a run at the goal, but it'll sure look good when you do. And it's sure to impress the ladies (if you can find any ladies that actually care about soccer). The skill also increases coordination and ball handling--two skills that will come in handy between the white lines.

A new product designed to make juggling a little more fun, the Popitball is a soccer ball that features 12 rubber discs--"PopIts"--that attach to the ball. As you juggle the ball--or play "Keepy Uppie", as the company refers to it-- the PopIts will fly off when kicked. Your goal--keep your juggle going long enough to knock all 12 of them to the ground, and do it as quickly as you can.

The ball helps to make juggling a little more amusing while providing a new reason to practice. I'm not sure how much more amusing knocking discs off a ball is over just trying to get as many juggles as you can, but that's what the ball does.

The ball is manufactured by MD Product Innovations. You can get more information at Popitball.co.uk