PopIxy: The Tabbed Search Engine

Back when Firefox first came out with tabbed browsing, it rocked the internet world.  No longer were people managing huge clusters of browser windows.  They now could keep things organized by tabs and move quickly between them for a truly powerful surfing experience.  Now there's a tabbed search engine that aims to impress you in the same way.

PopIxy asks for your search terms and immediately displays them with all possible tabs, including Google News, images, YouTube, Twitter, web search, and forum search.  In this way, you can find whatever type of results you're looking rather quickly, rather than scroll down a list of Google results until you find the type of result you want.

The idea behind PopIxy is a great one.  I found the searching to be easy to navigate and quite relevant.  Adding individual tabs for each service is a pretty smart and useful feature as well.  My only gripe with PopIxy is the look and feel of the site.  The light blue motif is really hard on the eyes, and paired with the boxy results pages, I felt a little cramped, even though the site did prove quite useful.

I'm not sure how PopIxy obtains results for its web search, but that may be its weak spot if they're not obtaining those results through Google.  All the other features seemed great, though it took a little squinting to figure out what each of them was.  Tabbed anything is better than having a slew of open windows, so the next time you need to do some heavy searching, give PopIxy a try, and let us know what you think.