10 Even MORE Ads to Disturb & Disgust You!

4. La Buena Tierra

I just puked in my mouth.I just puked in my mouth.

Okay... I think this is supposed to be a hotdog punching an internal organ-I think the heart, though it took me a while to figure it out because I'm mentally deficient.

Nothing personal to the designers of this ad, but it is a huge mess.  It is gross, random, and just confusing.  Did I say it was gross?

I had a friend who had eaten about 90 pounds of Mexican food, got drunk, got in a fight with his wife (something stupid, as usual), and puked his 90 pounds of tacos all over my porch.

It looked very similar to this ad.


5. Dixieland Cafe

Ever had one of those nights...?Ever had one of those nights...?

I just look at this ad and go "Yay!!!"  It's funny, eye-catching, clever, and disgusting all at once.

Kudos to the ad team for coming up with something so simple that it actually works-even though not quite in the way that you would want to advertise for a restaurant.

You want the pepper going in... not out.

6. Canex Um... Holy crap!Um... Holy crap!

 That worm thing is just plain creepy.  Drooling, nasty, pale, and scary.  Apparently this is an ad for a de-worming drug produced by Pfizer.

If a worm ever got that big, you'd need more than pills to get rid of it.

Try a shotgun.