10 Even MORE Ads to Disturb & Disgust You!

7. Goa Portuguesa


The concept of this ad centers around "seek revenge" with carnivorous sea-life by eating at a giant seafood buffet.  I don't get it.

That guy would never be able to pick crab with his mutilated, bloody stump.

Not to mention the distress he would cause all of the other diners as his stump flicked blood all over the place.

Nope.  I'll stay in bloody-stump-free restaurants, thank you very much.

8. Amnesty International

Something tells me this guy is not gonna win the race.Something tells me this guy is not gonna win the race.

This ad does what it's supposed to do.  It is disturbing as hell, and brings to light an uncomfortable and tragic global issue.

I get the point-and the ad wouldn't work if you had a guy sitting in an electric chair.  I mean... how would he run?  He could maybe face-plant on the track and jiggle and smoke...  But that kind of ad just would be odd...

9. Sony PSP

Thank God this doesn't really happen.Thank God this doesn't really happen.

I LOVE my PSP.  It plays games, movies, MP3s, and can even be adapted into a mobile phone.

I have to admit that I was initially stumped (pun intended) by this ad.  But I suddenly got it: retry.  So that's all of the times the guy has tried to get through a certain level of whatever game he's playing.

Realizing this doesn't make for a more pleasant ad.

Is that an ear?

10. Duet Ice Cream Bars

Hey... I voted for him.Hey... I voted for him.

I saved this one for last as I am torn on the context.

On one hand it's horribly racist.  On another it's sort'a cute.  I don't think it's trying to be racist-it's just purporting the yummy chocolate ice cream inside of a delicious layer of vanilla... inside of a chocolate shell.

From a global perspective, I don't think this is a racial thing.  It's just a new (albeit somewhat insensitive) marketing angle that Voskhod (the Russian ice cream manufacturer) has mined for publicity.

And it works.  It's either made people laugh or pissed them off.

And like it or not, that is a sign of good marketing.

So, you think these are better or worse that  my first 11 Ads to Disturb and Disgust You & the recent 10 More Ads to Disgust & Disturb You?

SOURCE: Ads of the World.

John Barker
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