Popular Science Wants Your Inventions!

Inventor Contest The very popular Popular Science Magazine is calling for submissions for the next world changing invention... not an invention, as they call it, "born in the R& D labs of universities and corporations," but ones just like most of ours, born while taking a shower or shopping at your local hardware store.

Ten inventions will be awarded prizes in a variety of categories, plus there will be a Student Award Category this year, the second year of the PopSci Invention Awards.

Last year's invention awards went to home-built inventions, such as the Stunstick Neuroscrambler, a long distance Taser-like shocker, a sensor-packed CPR Glove, and a 3-dimensional computer mouse ring, that is hoped to become the next generation of computer "mice,"

So, if you've got something on your drawing board that you think will change the world, get it into prototype, and back yourself up with patent applications (an official utility patent would protect you better), trademark, or whatever intellectual property proof you need to substantiate your rights to the invention before you submit.

Here are some submission guidelines from Popular Science:

  • Inventions must be physical objects—no processes or concepts.
  • There must be a working prototype or something else that demonstrates that the invention actually works.
  • Inventions must be the work of independent inventors or small teams; outside funding is fine, but inventions created wholly out of universities or other R&D labs will not be considered.
  • Inventions must be something new, not just an incremental improvement on an existing item.
  • PopSci will not publish an entry online or in print without notifying the inventor first, but we will seek third-party verification of the technology and significance of the invention. All intellectual-property protection is the responsibility of the entrant.
  • All entries must be received by Feb 1, 2008.
  • For more information, please click this link to visit the Popular Science announcement.

    via Popular Science

    Myra Per-Lee
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