Pop-Up Business Cloak Vroom: Serving Summer’s Hottest Outdoor Events With Drive In Coat Check

Pop-up businesses have been sprouting up all over the world, many of which cater to the events and music festivals that take place during the summer months. Since often outdoor event goers are stuck lugging around all of their clothing and gear, Cloak Vroom is offering on-location cloak room services that has an online component for those who have one too many drinks in the event's beer tent, or find that the heat of the day has impacted their ability to remember their things.

Cloak VroomCloak Vroom

 The UK-based pop-up cloak room service, Cloak Vroom is a drive in bus, custom fitted with coat racks and storage to accommodate the personal effects of event attendees. For 1-2 EURO, outdoor concert goers can check their coats, sweaters, or backpacks; and to ensure they don't go home empty-handed, receive a wristband that includes their identification number to claim their gear, as well as contact details and a URL for Cloak Vroom's website. While the wrist-bands ensure that event attendees don't show up to the coat check empty-handed; by providing users of the service access to the website, Cloak Vroom makes sure that even event attendees who leave the venue empty-handed have the opportunity to get their things back!

With summer just around the corner, pop-up businesses like Cloak Vroom are in for a full schedule of outdoor events.