Pop-Up Christmas Tree Sets Up In Seconds

Instant Christmas anyone? This pre-decorated pop-up Christmas tree sets up in mere seconds, giving you more time for holiday celebrations.

For some, the annual holiday ritual of choosing a real Christmas tree, lugging it home, setting it up and decorating it to the max is one of the the highlights of the season. For others, not so much - I'm looking at you, Clark Griswold.

This handy pre-decorated and pre-wired for lighting pop-up tree eliminates fits of fir fury and turns melancholy to merry in mere seconds. Dare I say... Yule love it!

Available in a range of heights from 90cm (3 feet) to 180cm (6 feet), the pop-up tree is a wonder of modern technology yet still manages to look fairly real and traditional. Trimmings and even lights are built right in - just flip a switch and a flickering display illuminates your home with holiday cheer.

Check out this video featuring an Australian lady who evidently has much experience with pop-up Christmas trees:

Other short videos (of the pop-up tree, not the Australian woman) can be viewed at the Impress Watch product page.

Convenience doesn't come cheap, however. Japanese online retailer Rakuten lists a variety of pop-up trees in several trim styles and sizes beginning at 4,990 yen (about $55) with the top of the line six-footer going for 9,800 yen (about $110). In the United States, Hammacher also has a gorgeous  "instant" Christmas Tree for the the top of the line price of about $400. Amazon has a great instant tree for about $200 bucks or for $100 bucks.

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