Pop-Up Hotel Room: 5-Star Accommodation Or Glorified Trailer?

Pop-up concepts are literally popping up across the globe; and pop-up hotel rooms are one of the front-runners in the portable business brand. Pop-up hotels offer luxury accommodation where it's not possible to put a full size hotel. The pop-up hotel brand is growing in popularity in Europe in particular, because it's portable, convenient accommodations are ideal for festivals and other outdoor events.

Albimo's pop-up hotel is only 130 square feet and boasts a rather sparse, cozy design which includes a bed, desk, chair, bathroom complete with shower, and even a small LCD TV. Their version of the pop-up hotel, truly is instant accommodation since the structure seems to unfold into place. Presumably, the extra features, like the TV and wall décor (if they are in fact available in actual models) do need to be incorporated after the hotel has been popped-up. The outside of Albimo's pop-up hotel rooms aren't quite so impressive.

UK architect Tim Pyne has also created his own interpretation of the pop-up hotel; although his might be better described as "pop-together" rather than pop-up. Each individual hotel unit fits into a steel frame, kind of like Lego to complete the final pop-up hotel structure. These pop-up hotels are semi-permanent in theory; the idea is that they will remain in their building location for 7-10 years, until they can be detached and relocated for land developers looking to build. This pop-up design is said to drive guests crazy, so this innovative hotel is marketed towards short-term business travelers.


Other organizations which are finding their niche in the pop-up hotel industry are Travelodge, the Travelpod and the Cubi; which features a sleek modern design.

While there clearly seems to be a market for pop-up hotels (not to mention other businesses using this concept), I can't help but wonder how they differ from typical trailers.

Via: Treehugger