Pork Flavoured Toothpaste - Good Idea?

Mint. Mint, mint mint mint mint mint mint mint. Mint. It's all we ever hear about these days. That is if we are talking about flavours of toothpaste. Which most of us aren't. But we should be, because it's probably the flavour we taste the most - assuming we are all brushing the minimum twice a day? That's 730 times a year tasting mint. More than the amount of times we taste chocolate, biryani, eucalyptus and pork put together.

But wait - did someone say pork? Yes. I did. Just then. So what? So - now we can taste pork 730 times a year - with new Pork flavoured toothpaste!

Pork Flavoured Toothpaste!: Cordon bleu brushingPork Flavoured Toothpaste!: Cordon bleu brushing

The unstoppable think tank that is Spot Industries has done it again. What you never knew you needed or wanted has just pumped itself into a tube and will soon be sitting on a shelf just above the basin in your bathroom, because once you've tried Pork flavoured toothpaste you'll be wondering how on earth you tasted mint twice a day for your entire life. OK, so you can already get comedy chocolate and alcohol flavoured toothpastes but these here are the real savoury deal, and they're here to stay.

And don't worry - if you're vegetarian or for some bizarre reason don't like the idea of pork flavoured toothpaste, soon you'll be able to choose from a range of flavours, including tomato, asparagus, tuna and brie!
Pork Flavoured Toothpaste! Again!: Bored of Mint? What about a little pork?Pork Flavoured Toothpaste! Again!: Bored of Mint? What about a little pork?
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Oct 1, 2008
by Anonymous

YES! It IS a good idea.

In fact, I am so fed up with damn mint and eucalyptus, I was WISHING for this for over twenty years now. Now we only need the chewing gum to match.
/me is going to check whether they sell over the 'Net. Eastern hemisphere is a tad too far to shop from directly :)

Oct 6, 2008
by Anonymous

Why Not!?

Not only do I think this is a great idea, I think it should be taken one step further with some tasty urine and feces flavored toothpaste! One could even mix these two blissful flavors for a euphoric combination that is sure to be bursting with cleanliness! I can't think of a better way to start and finish my day than with the alpha and omega of flavor perfection, urine and feces. :)