Porsche May Have Been Caught Testing 911 Hybrid

There have been rumors flying around for quite some time now that Porsche is working to develop a hybrid vehicle. While they have confirmed they are looking into hybridization, they have not yet gone on the record to say which vehicle they are planning to adapt the new drivetrain for. However, some new images have surfaced that may suggest the vehicle in question is the next generation 911.

While these photos are far from solid proof, it definitely begins to shed some light on the Porsche Hybrid question. Aside from the interesting Batman symbol that has somehow found its way onto the front, there is a noticeable addition to the driver's side of the hood as well.

Even more interesting is the lightning bolt sticker that is in the center of the aforementioned bulge. It is not yet known what the function of this new piece of hardware is, but if that sticker is any indication, it could very well be a new hybrid platform.

Making this even more likely is the eye-witness accounts that claimed almost no noise as the Porsche drove off.

We are still waiting for an official comment from the German based automaker.

World Car Fans
Jul 30, 2009
by Anonymous

Produce this Porsche

Make the new PanAmerica- hybrid.

Id drive the 911 Hybrid with Manumatic/Tiptronic, make acessable for Rentals alone

Go Porsche, Go