British-American Duo Invent Portable Power-Charging Belt

For people on the go, portable battery packs are a requirement of life even though  carrying them around can be a pain in places too impolite to mention. two prolific inventors who were inadvertently working on the same idea, namely; Aaron Krause, founding CEO of Scrub Daddy in the United States and Piers Ridyard, founding CEO of Nifty in the UK, have joined forces to create the ION Belt, which represents their first collaboration for ION Tech Wear (ITW) an innovative wearable tech fashion house.

The ION Power Belt

The focus of this invention is to address the 21st century concern that portable device will run out of power. With the ION Belt, all the traveling businessman needs to do is remember to put on his pants! This patented, wearable device safely and invisibly packs 1.5 charges (3,000 mAh) of mobile phone power into an ordinary stylish belt. The secret weapon is a proprietary technology known as Encapsulpak, which protects the lithium batteries that are worn by the user.


ION BeltION Belt


How does the ION Belt work?

Created for chic design and simplicity, this amazing belt is compatible with almost any rechargeable device and requires only 1.5 hours of full charge / discharge time. Its uniqueness lies in its  ability to provide users with a way to charge their devices from their own pockets anytime and anywhere via a USB plug built into the buckle of this fine leather accessory. Charging the belt is as simple a task as charging a phone, except for the fact that no cord of any kind is needed.

Who are Aaron Krause and Piers Ridyard?

Born and bred in Philadelphia, prolific inventor, Aaron Krause shot to fame with this invention, Scrub Daddy, which appeared on ABC's Shark Tank. A contemporary Merlin in his own way with a roster of 14 patents issued and 4 patents pending, Aaron Krause is the epitome of the modern inventor whose restless eyes and quick, intuitive mind are always seeking new ideas and pathways to meet the needs of a dynamic and demanding consumer population.


Aaron Krause and Scrub DaddyAaron Krause and Scrub Daddy

Award-winning British creator of the Nifty Mini Drive,  28  year-old  Piers Ridyard, has a genetic predisposition to inventing and creative  thinking because he is the child of two entrepreneurs. The inspiration for his invention arose out of a need to make more space on his Mac Book with a plug-in that offers up to 64 Gb of storage. The vision included a product that would enable users to have more space without even noticing a change.


Piers RidyardPiers Ridyard


The ION Belt collaboration

 Krause's inspiration occurred when he ran out of power during an important business call. He was working on the ION Belt when he became aware of Ridyard's new luxury XOO smartphone-charging belt that had already made its way to the London catwalk scene. Instead of competing with each other, the dynamic, trans-Atlantic-inventor-entrepreneur duo merged their talents and energy to create a start-up company (ITW) dedicated to making beautifully designed and affordable wearable technology.

In Krause's own words::

"After I lost a crucially important business call, I found myself carrying a bulky, external charger with me at all times because the battery on my phone would drain so quickly. Then it hit me! I simply need to integrate charging technology into something I already wear- I thought: 'How about a belt?' after endless tinkering and hundreds of design alterations, the ION Belt was born to solve battery problems for good."

The future of Aaron Krause and Pier Ridyard

ION Tech Wear is just getting started, but it has already passed  the crawling stage and is walking nicely. A working prototype of the ION Belt has been introduced to the public on a  Kickstarter campaign where it has received significant attention and has already gleaned half of its funding goal.

So to all you preoccupied business men out there, remember that now with this new blt, you can keep your life fully charged as long as you don't lose your pants somewhere along the way!

Do you think that wearable technology is a passing phase or that it is here to stay?

Closing thoughts on technology:

It's all fun and games until you lose your WiFi signal . ~