Portable Air Hockey Brings The Game Where It Never Existed Before

Who doesn't like a good game of air hockey? Unfortunately, like other table games, air hockey requires a large amount of space to play. This limits the game from some of the places where it could be most popular--college dorms and small, studio apartments filled with groups of twenty-something roommates, to name a couple. Given the need for large, electric equipment, it's also a rather expensive game.

Bringing air hockey to new places, Portable Air Hockey is played with a self-powered puck that can hover and slide across any smooth surface. Taking the need for a dedicated table away, one can now play air hockey anwhere that a regular dining room table or even smooth, hardwood floor exists. And without having to buy a full set-up you can get your air hockey game on for just 14 bucks.

It's hard to say how well it mimics a real game of air hockey, but for that price, you don't have much to lose.

In addition to the hovering puck, the game comes with 2 air hockey strikers and 2 cardboard goals. The puck requires power from 2 AAA batteries. 

Air hockey can now be played where it belongs--in small, cramped spaces among young, rowdy folks enjoying varying levels of intoxication. 

Urban Outfitters via Coolest Gadgets 

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