Portable Weather Meter Ranks Your Heat Stroke Risk


A teardrop shaped heat stroke risk meter has hit Japan's store shelves and the 25-gram (1 oz) device should be a hit with the country's aging population, many of whom associate good health with outdoor recreation. The meters, which update readings of temperature and humidity every 10 minutes, give users a head's up if local conditions aren't conducive to physical activity.

The meters are being produced under the advice of the Japan Weather Association (JWA) with advanced product planning and development in conjunction with Design Factory.

The central LCD screen displays the current temperature and humidity. An internal processor uses the readings to set a ranking for the body heat stroke index, displayed in 5 increments from Low to High via the use of LEDs mounted above the screen. In addition, a buzzer will sound if the upper rankings are reached.

Heat stroke risk meters are available in 2 versions, with the regular version selling for 1,050 yen ($11.65) and a version that includes a watch for 2,100 yen ($23.35). Both come with a reel chain that allows the device to be worn around one's wrist or neck.

They make a great gift for elderly relatives who should stay physically fit but should also choose to get their exercise under the right conditions. You can order these heat stroke risk meters online at Amazon Japan or Tokyu Hands. (via Impress Watch)