Portable 'Magic Umbrella' Stores In Its Handle, Keeps Clothes & Contents Dry


Umbrellas do a great job of keeping rain off outdoor travelers but in one respect they're all wet: after using, residual rainwater drips off folded umbrellas and onto anything they come in contact with.

The "Magic Umbrella" solves that annoyance by keeping the water with the umbrella until you have a chance to let it dry on its own. The key is the handle - it's a long, hollow plastic cone that perfectly fits the folded umbrella, which slides snugly inside like a sword into its sheath.

Twist on the cap and it's safe to carry the umbrella inside your briefcase, purse, shopping bag and so on without worrying that water will damage the contents.

The Magic Umbrella is made by Yuento and is just slightly smaller than a regular rain umbrella. It comes in your choice of 4 colors: Red, Khaki, Black or Sky Blue. Order yours online at Rakuten for 3,990 yen or about $44.25, tax included. (via Impress Watch)