Portable Potty Makes Fresh Drinkable Water

via Yanko Designvia Yanko Design 

In an attempt to help people in countries in dire need of fresh drinking water Argentine designer Leonardo Manavella has invented a portable potty/water fountain. The portable potty, called H20, cleans dirty water, in this case urine from human or from animals, and then converts it into fresh drinking water. First you pee in it. Then you squeeze the potty and it makes fresh drinkable water. It works like this: with the pee stand on the egg shaped device (doesn’t the device look a bit like Wall-e’s girlfriend) you pee into the device onto the Activated Carbon. This is where the urine looses the pee color and flavor. The pee stand is then removed. You place the egg shaped device between your knees and then with your knees you squeeze in the buttons on the side of the device. The pee is filtered thorough the microfilter either before or during this moment. This part is not clear. Once the water is filtered it can be drunk through the spout at the bottom of the H2O. It is also unclear if this is on the market or still a prototype. Often designs on Yanko Designs are still just possible ideas, good ideas not yet put to the test. For more information on Leonardo Manavella and his project visit here http://www.coroflot.com/public/individual_file.asp?portfolio_id=2266137&... Out of curiosity, with an invention like this, who decides who will be the first to test the device to find out if it really works or not? Is it the inventor, a good friend of the inventor, or someone the inventor pays to test it? Who is the brave taste testing soul? Any thoughts? Via The Design Blog http://www.thedesignblog.org/entry/agua-h2o-converts-pee-into-fresh-wate... and Yank Design http://www.yankodesign.com/2009/05/05/making-pee-drinkable/