Portable Sports Announcing PA System Could Be Most Annoying Invention This Year

You know that guy that sits behind you at your kid's sporting games. Yeah, the really, really loud one. The one that knows nothing about the game, yet still insists on giving his "insight" to the ref on every play. The kind of bleacher-coach that really needs to be banned from all Little League/soccer/Pee Wee games for life. That guy.

Well that guy just got a little louder thanks to this completely unnecessary invention. It's like a portable karaoke machine for wannabe sports announcers. Now you won't be able to escape his woefully misguided chants and play calls. 

Hammacher's Play By Play Announcing Scoreboard does a little bit of everything your local TV station does for the pro level: it lets you keep score; it has a microphone and speaker system for 'announcing' and it even includes sound effects like chants and jeers. It also has a timer so you can manually time that buzzer-beating shot. Connect your MP3 player via USB and you've got music, too. 

I have to think something like this would be banned from any serious league, but it has a lot of possibilities for less formal games. For once, sitting the bench could be the big payday--pull yourself up a chair next to the cooler, crack a cold one and spend the entire outing making disparaging, embarrassing and otherwise distracting comments about your buddies' every play. That's a fun game. 

You can find the Play By Play Announcing Scoreboard at Hammacher Schlemmer for $300.