Portable Watermelon Cooler Keeps Your Cantaloupes Perfectly Chilled

You didn't ask for it - well, nobody did - but Japan's Joybond has given the world "Tama-chan", the first mobile watermelon cooler! It's also a melon heater... because if you want to eat warmed-up watermelon, by george you should be able to!

The sleekly styled device looks sort of like a baby stroller for Martians, so be prepared for countless puzzled stares should you load a melon in the insulated, domed compartment and head out into normal society. This short video shows exactly what a walk with Tama-chan would look like:

Joybond doesn't mention a battery but they do include several AC power plugs, DC adapters and a car adapter. Other included accessories include a protective watermelon net and a clear plastic plate that allows Tama-chan to carry non-watermelon type foods should you so desire. The carrying handle telescopes into the body of the device for safety, convenience and portability.

Joybond has priced Tama-chan at 19,950 yen (about $225) each - not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. Is it worth that much just to keep watermelons chilled (or heated) to an ideal temperature until you're ready to partake? Joybond - and Japan - are about to find out. (via Gigazine)