Portland Design Works [Pants] Cuff Links

Anyone that's ever ridden a bike knows it: riding in pants sucks. Back in the day when cycling was solely about recreation, the solution was simple: cycle in the summer or wear Lycra bike tights. No issues.

But since cycling has become more of an everyday, environmental-responsibility type of thing, those options aren't working out. You have to work all year and you can't very well show up to Monday morning's budget meeting in a pair of sweaty bike tights. No, you're kind of stuck biking in pants.

So Portland Design Works, the company that brought you the perfect way to carry your morning cup on your bike commute, has designed a solution: cuff links. Not the pretentious gold cuff links that you wear with your French cuff shirt, these Cuff Links are for your pants. The leather and Velcro cuff links keep the cuff of your pants away from your chain and crankset. So you won't get grease all over your ankle and you won't rip up the bottom of your pants. And with the vegetable tanned leather, you'll look pretty fashionable the whole time. 

If these sound like the perfect solution for you, you can pick them up the Portland Design Works cuff links for $30. 

Via Adventure Journal