Custom Portrait Cufflinks

With Father's Day round the corner, I decided to look around the web for a few interesting, innovative and fashionable gifts for Dads. There are quite a few great fashionably innovative gift options out there.

I start off with a pair of cufflinks.

Cufflinks? You say. With some understandable boredom. After all, everybody has seen cufflinks. What could be innovative or fashionable about them?

Those were my sentiments exactly until I found this unique pair by Eleven Forty Designs .

Available in gold, silver, white gold or platinum, these unique cufflinks are designed to be miniature portraits. When not in use, the two halves snap together to form a miniature bust of whoever is the subject of the portrait.

Surprise Dad this Father's Day with a pair of Eleven Forty Cufflinks. All you have to so is send across a picture of hom or whoever else you want in the portrait, and leave the rest to the designers. You could also send across pictures of his favorite pet, or a famous celebrity or personality. Eleven Forty has a portfolio from ranging from Gandhi, Flash Gordon and Einstein to the Devil himself.

Each pair is priced at £275 (about US$550) and is a perfect, diminutive homage to you're hero-your father.