Post-It Printer Reminds You That Yeah, It's A Pretty Rad Idea

We all forget things; events, times, dates, even important things like exams or interviews, and the Post-It note has become a common way for many people to keep themselves on track. Now, Dongyeon Kim has created a Post-It printer concept to help take the note into the digital age.

Kim's concept takes the old Post-It note and kicks it up a notch with the use of a small printer that at first glance appears to be no more than a rectangular LED bar. On the bar is the current date and on/off switch and inside lies a printer head, ready to commit to Post-It whatever you need put down.

The printer head would start at the top of a pad of Post-Its or other brand sticky notes and would still allow them to be used as men once did by actually writing on them with a pen or pencil, tearing them off and placing them somewhere conspicuous. But the real genius of the device lies in the fact that it will allow you to wirelessly import tasks saved on your computer or phone and will then print them off for you onto a note when needed.

When the printer receives an order it will move down the surface of the Post-It, printing its merry way and then return to the top so the note can be torn off and used.

According to Kim, the Printer will come with re-usable sticky paper, but we're not really sure what to make of that. Most notes get thrown out immediately after they're used or as soon as the person using them is sure they know where they're going and what they have to do. Even if a note manages to return to the printer we're fairly confident it would be in bad shape, and Kim's design isn't exactly clear on what makes this paper re-usable - is the printer able to erase what as already been done?

Regardless, the concept is simple and cool and a large manufacturer of sticky note products could do very well acquiring and mass-producing this design. With more and more people using smartphones to record appointments but with many of us still happier with a physical reminder, the Post-It printer might just offer the best of both worlds.

If only we had a way to remind ourselves to check up on this one...

Source: Yanko Design