Potato Chip Burgers Put Junk Food On Fast Food

Japanese burger chain Lotteria isn't about to climb on the “healthy fast food” bandwagon – just the opposite! Partnering with snack food giant Calbee, Lotteria is offering up two burgers topped with crunchy Calbee potato chips and unique special sauces.

The promotion's two-pronged approach aims at both beef and chicken lovers. The former features the Zeppin (“exquisite”) Cheese Potato Chip Burger; a curious combination of a beef patty, ridged Calbee potato chips, umami-flavored sauce and a slice of sharp cheddar.

The slightly cheaper ($3.15 vs $3.40) Salad Chicken Potato Chip Burger tops a chicken breast patty with Calbee ridged potato chips doused with “Consommé W Punch sauce”, whatever that is, and the obligatory lettuce & tomato on a toasted bun.

Fries with that? yes, but...not as you know them. Assuming purchasers still have appetites after downing one (or both) of these crunchy chip/burger concoctions, Lotteria suggests a $2.40 “shaker pack” - basically a bag of Calbee seasoning powder into which one dumps an order of fries and shake to coat. Choose from Consommé W Punch, Wasabi Beef, Rich Salt, or Dark Nori Seaweed Salt. (via IT Media