'Potatornado' Spiral Peeler Turns Your Veggie Into A Slinky

To quote Woody Allen, "I explained to Dr. Helmholtz that I could not order the Lobstermato (a tomato stuffed with lobster) in a certain restaurant. He agreed it was a particularly asinine word and wished he could scratch the face of the man who conceived it." What would Woody think of the Potatornado then? I think we can guess.

Cringe-worthy name aside, the, er, Potatornado on display at the Tokyo FABEX 2010 show is an interesting and innovative machine that does strange things to potatoes, carrots, cucumbers... pretty much any firm fleshed vegetable.

Think of those lathes from your junior high wood or metal shop class - the object to be carved is first skewered, then it spins around while a horizontally sliding blade slices into said object. The result is an accordioned spring thingy... watch this video and see if you can figure it out:

It's hard to imagine who will want to use a Potatornado and what uses the spirally sliced veggies will be put to. It may be that the curious shapes will serve as shop window advertisements or could attract attention at seasonal festivals.

The Potatornado is certainly a new and different way to take your veggies for a "spin", but what I really want to know is if they'll climb down a flight of stairs like my old Slinky. (via Gigazine)

EDITOR'S NOTE:  You can get the home version of the Spiral Veggie Slicer here on Amazon.

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Apr 8, 2010
by Anonymous

spiral peeler

The first spiral peeler I seen was 20 years ago.. was hand held..

Apr 8, 2010
by Anonymous

I've seen similar products

I've seen similar products that can core, peel, and spiral cut an apple using a similar process. It was really nice when eating apples or apples&caramel because u can just snap off little bite sized pieces from the whole fruit.

However, If you took the spiral cut potato and deep fried it on the stick, that'd be a pretty cool alternative to serve at a restaurant compared to french fries.