The Pothole Gardener Brings Smiles, Green and Warning to his Community

via Flickr user thepotholegardener: his first pothole gardenvia Flickr user thepotholegardener: his first pothole garden

Going over a pothole or two or more can make a car ride rough. It can make a bike ride rougher and dangerous. If the city will not take care of the pothole problems who will? The pothole gardener?

A 33-year-old bike rider and gardener, Steve Wheen, has taken it upon himself to warn others of upcoming pothole by planting gardens in them. The flowers he uses are colorful so they stand out from the dark road. He admits he has nearly "fallen over walking home" thanks to potholes (the

Some of his gardening efforts last maybe two hours before the flowers are run over. Some pothole gardens have lasted a few weeks. He is aware of the impending doom of each of his pothole gardens, but he does it to bring smiles to peoples faces, to help them avoid potholes and to bring a little more green to his local community.

His innovative pothole gardening, inspired by Geurilla Gardening, has gained a lot of popularity recently. His idea and blog has sparked interest in his community and in the press. To follow Steve's blog and learn more about his pothole garden visit his blog at

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Via  Metro