Potty Mitts: Making Sure What Happens In The Bathroom, Stays In The Bathroom

Once you become a parent, you discover that you just might be a germaphobe, even if it's for the first time in your life. Bleach and Lysol take on a whole new meaning..but that doesn't help in a public restroom where you don't know what germs might be lingering. Want what your kids do in the bathroom to stay in the bathroom? Well, do I ever have something to show you, then!

Potty Mitts serve a number of purposes, and really, I'll just let you use your imagination. If you don't have any idra what I'm talking about, then ask a parent; they can surely tell you. These are perfect for the germaphobe parents to ensure what happens in the bathroom with your kids stays in the bathroom. They're one use mittens designed with hygeine in mind, and they can make potty time even more fun for little ones!

Potty Mitts are water repellant, although they are not flushable, but they're still pretty funky..especially once germs enter the picture!