Pouch Necklaces: Fashion And Storage In One Accessory!


The best accessories are multi-purpose; think purses, which look fantastic, and llow you to carry everything but the kitchen sink (or, on the other end of the equation, allow you to barely fit your favorite lipstick) when you're kicking around town during the day or indulging in a night out. Okay, the latest trend in accessories, the pouch necklace, might not be quite so epic, but it does hold a place in history.

Multi-functional accessories like the pouch necklace are growing in popularity. They look somewhat chic and also give you the option to go purse-free. They're also great for preventing pick pocketing, because you're sure to notice the thief who looks like they're trying to stick their hand down your shirt!  They also have another purpose that you just might not expect; according to Ancient Chinese Empresses, they can also ward off evil spirits. Historically, these necklaces were worn and stuffed with herbs, so that no one would catch on that the empresses hadn't bathed in far too long; and keep the evil spirits away. How's that for killing two birds with one stone?

Multi-Functional AccessoriesMulti-Functional Accessories

Really, don't take the trend that far - stick with allowing the pouch necklace to hold your lipstick, and make sure you keep on showering! These pouch necklaces are available from Speech Online

Pouch NecklacePouch Necklace

Via: Refinery 29