Power Press Pushup Promises "Extreme Results" In Training Your Upper Body

Power Press PushupPower Press Pushup

Revolutionary. Innovative. Extreme results. This is what Maximum Fitness Gear promises from its Power Press Pushup. But just how "revolutionary" and "innovative" is a push up board that allows you to change your hand positions? 

The Power Press Pushup is basically a color-coded push up board with a "Plug and Press" system that allows you to change the position of the hand grips. The idea behind this is that different angles and hand positions work different areas of the body. For example, a regular push up (hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart) hits the pectoral muscles, triceps and deltoids, but if you move your hand position in closer (more narrow than shoulder-width), you will recruit your triceps more. It's a simple idea, and really it's not so "innovative." 

Power Press Pushup BoardPower Press Pushup Board

Doesn't look so "revolutionary," does it? Well it's not really a revolutionary concept, and it won't give you "extreme results." There is nothing about this $40 product that's going to give you some advantage in your training that a little know-how can't provide. If you have a working concept of body movement, you already know that hitting an exercise at different angles will work different muscles. If you have YouTube, you can also access videos on other push up variations that can add difficulty to your training. And the bottom line is you're still going to have to do the work. Color-coded board or no board, you're going to be doing push ups, and your results will be directly proportional to the effort you put in. 

The Power Press Pushup does come with a Tone And Burn Workout DVD, which is a total body strength and conditioning workout. This part of the package deal is an advantage for beginners and novices, who can't or don't want to get to a gym. But again, you're looking at spending around $40 for the package. I can't put my stamp of approval on this one. The push up is a great exercise, but it's a simple exercise. You can dress it up in a color-coded board with a "Push and Press" system, but it's still the same old push up. 

Source: Power Press