Power Hog Piggy Bank: Green Gadget for Kids


If your kids have a habit of leaving their electronic devices turned on all day, this little gadget may be just for you.  The Power Hog is a very special, easy-to-use piggy bank that helps children visualize and understand that using electricity costs money.   

Power HogPower Hog

Setting up the Power Hog is simple:

  • Just plug your television, cell phone, iPod or gaming device into the pig's snout.
  •  Plug the pig's tail into a wall outlet.  
  • In order for the device to run, you'll need to drop a coin into the top of the pig. 
  • Each deposited coin provides 30 minutes of electricity to power the device.   
  • The metered pig blinks red when time is about to end.  


Power HogPower Hog









If your kids are  glued to the tube all day long or play video games for hours on end, chances are pretty good they'll learn quite quickly that it actually costs money to use electricity.   The pig also allows parents to monitor exactly how much time their kids are spending playing videos or watching television.



Power Hog won second place in the Greener Gadgets 2009 Design Competition. The Power Hog is 100% recyclable.  This little piggy sure knows how to save money when he goes to market!


Source and Photos:   Greener Gadgets and Core77