Powerbreather: The Future Of Snorkeling Is Here


If you're planning a trip to any tropical location, odds are snorkeling is on your "Things To Do" list. Snorkeling makes for great, active fun, and it is a wonderful way to explore the depths of the sea. The Powerbreather makes that active and fun hobby easier, less fatiguing and less cumbersome. 

Traditional snorkels employ a single tube that runs from the mouth to the back of the head and above the water's surface. With this design there is often stale air still present in the tube on each inhale, which means less oxygen and thus quicker fatigue. Also, when the snorkeler dives, water is able to get into the tube. 

Powerbreather SnorkelPowerbreather Snorkel

The Powerbreather is a ring-shaped elastic snorkel that is adjustable to any sized head. It employs a check valve in the upper portion, behind the head, and one in the mouth piece. These valves allow you to breathe in through one section of the tube and out through the other, so that you don't inhale any stale air, which eliminates the fatigue effects from snorkeling. 

The interacting valves also ensure that no water gets into the snorkel when diving. This means, with the Powerbreather, you can swim relaxed. You don't have to worry about rushing your breath or breathing in water. This technology is very conducive to teaching children different swim techniques as well. 

The Powerbreather was designed in Germany, but is patented worldwide. You can find out more about the Powerbreather on their site