Powerbrella Keeps Your Gadgets Charged

Now that summer is approaching many are gearing up for various outside endeavors, getting ready to enjoy warm temperatures and long days. For those that don't enjoy sports, or doing much of anything, the summer is the time to catch up on some good old fashioned laying around and doing nothing. Tear the shirt of off that lumpy body, plant yourself onto a chair and stare into oblivion until the sweet, sweet slumber takes hold.

If you aren't a fan of things like radiation and melanoma, the umbrella is the accessory of the season. For years it has prevented you from waking up in a hot, searing sweat and running to the mirror to see find that awful fire engine-red creature staring back at you through pearly white eyes. If you plan to truly relax, a umbrella is a must-have.

Rather than let those sun beams bounce of your umbrella and go to waste, consider the Powerbrella. Protect your pasty skin, while making use of an abundant summer resource. Plug your phone, iPod and other gadgets into the base and keep them charged while you enjoy a cool, shady summer afternoon. Bring a cooler with drinks and a sandwich and you can sit outside all day without having being isolated from the outside world or having your music cut-off.

For those that are a bit more ambitious, the Powerbrella is the perfect way to combine recreation and work, allowing you to keep your laptop charged while you enjoy working in the warm fresh air.

The Powerbrella is a joint effort between SkyShades and Konarka and utilizes Konarka's Power Plastic in harnessing solar power. It's projected availability is July.

Gizmag via DVICE