Powerslides Galore on the New Leanster

When it comes to agility on the road, sport bikes are pretty hard to beat. That won't stop people from trying though, and Brudeli Tech thinks they may be close to reaching that goal. Their new bike based design, called the Leanster, adds a new level of excitement on and off the road.


The Leanster was originally introduced by Geir Brudeli, the inventor, as a concept back in 2006. From there it was put back into the skilled hands of Atle Stubberud, an engineer working for Soon Design who played a large part in creating the 2006 concept. After a bit more refining and polishing, the Brudeli 654L was ready for production.

Powering the Leanster is a 654cc KTM engine that produces 63 horsepower and 47 lb/ft of torque. The little engine is more than enough to launch the 525lb vehicle to a top speed of 105mph. But the real thrill of riding the Leanster doesn't come from the speed, it comes from cornering.


As you can infer from the name, is was designed to be able to lean very deeply into turns, up to 45 degrees if you are on pavement. The design is best described as a kind of hybrid between a sport bike and a 4-wheeled ATV.

It was originally designed for off-road use but has proved to be just as stable and exciting when on the road. What makes the design so effective is the way the suspension is engineered to work with the riders without overpowering them. Even though the entire vehicle will be leaned to one side, the majority of the weight will stay centered and therefore keep the rider in total control.

According to Brundeli, it doesn't take very long to become accustomed to the dynamics of the Leanster and you will find yourself doing 100 meter controlled powerslides in no time. On-road use will take a bit longer to master, but it should be more forgiving than 2-wheeled bikes.

The production model was presented at this year's Intermot which opened on the 8th of October. The Leanster will be available in limited numbers and costs about $30,000.

From : GizMag