PowerWing: Cross Between A Scooter And A Ripstik

Riding PowerWingRiding PowerWing

The holidays are right around the corner. Ok, maybe Christmas is more than two months away, but it's never too early to start shopping when you see a great gift. Razor's PowerWing, which looks like a cross between a scooter and a Ripstik, may just be the perfect gift for the kids.

With your traditional scooter, you have to push off the ground to gain speed and glide along the sidewalks. With a Ripstik, you turn your hips and swivel your feet to pick up speed (without having to propel off the ground), but you have no handlebars to steady yourself, as you would with a scooter. With the PowerWing, you gain speed by sliding the "wing" back and forth with your feet, a motion similar to the Ripstik, and you have the luxury of handlebars to steady yourself. 

PowerWing's WingPowerWing's Wing

PowerWing is great for performing tricks. Its unique propulsion mode allows you (or, more likely, your kid) to turn sharply and really "shred it up." This scooter hybrid is ideal for kick-outs, side drifts and spin-outs, and if your kid knows what kick-outs are, then it will probably be ideal for them as well. Take note, PowerWing is suitable for kids 6 and up and has a weight limit of 143 pounds, so even though it may seem ideal for recapturing your youth, it's really made for the kids. 

Razor PowerWingRazor PowerWing

Ideal for tricks and ideal for the skater kid, PowerWing is also ideal for your wallet. These quality, steel framed caster scooters start at around $55. In fact you can get the basic PowerWing on Amazon for only $54. There is also the PowerWing DLX, though it doesn't appear to be much different than the original. Either way you go, this scooter is sure to be a hit with the kids. 

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