Practice With EyePutter And Lower Your Handicap

Putting With EyePutterPutting With EyePutter

The surest way to lower your handicap isn't to drive the ball a few extra. Its all about improving your putting game--that is making your puts...on the first try. The EyePutter helps you train in proper putting technique, and the more you train with proper technique, the more your muscles remember that technique.

There is an old golf saying that goes, "You drive for show and you putt for dough." Improving your golf score starts with putting. EyePutter is a simple gadget that attaches to the putter, right above the head. It consists of a mirror and a level, both helping different parts of your putting game.

Improve Putting With EyePutterImprove Putting With EyePutter

Using the level, you hold the putter square and are able to strike the ball cleanly, and the mirror makes you keep your head down through the stroke. Problems in these areas are often causes of bad putting, but when you practice with the EyePutter, you train your muscles to remember proper form. 

The makers of EyePutter want their device to be your go-to tool for improving your golf scores. Their goal is to lower more handicaps than anyone else in the world. With the EyePutter's features and the Rob Roy training videos the gizmo comes with, you, or the golfer in your family is certain to see scores go down by a stroke or two. 


At around $40, the EyePutter is an affordable golfing aid as well. You could afford to pick up one for yourself and as presents for all of your golfer friends (or maybe not for your friends--you'll want that edge for your "friendly" games). Just check out Amazon to order the EyePutter, or visit their website for more information. 

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