PRADA Cellphone Answers the Call for Luxury

Conspicuous communication...Conspicuous communication...
PRADA, known for its high-end handbags, shoes and other luxury accessories, is expanding its premium brand to the Japanese cellphone market. Though it may be a latecomer to the PRADA phone fold, Japan's advanced mobile infrastructure allows the handset's manufacturer, LG, an opportunity to pack the phone with a host of features unavailable in most other countries.

Japan's cellphone network is already shifting to the advanced G4 standard even as other countries are beginning to introduce G3 phones. As such, the L852i offers well-heeled owners of the Japanese PRADA phone the following features:

  • HSDPA high speed data communication in FOMA network
  • DoCoMo's i-mode browser as well as deco-mail pictograms
  • Deco-mail and i-channel
  • DoCoMo's Music&Video Channel
  • "Chaku Uta" full ring music


Going by model number L852i, the slim, sleek & subdued black PRADA handset will be sold at mobile shops across Japan and can also be ordered through DoCoMo, one of the country's largest phone service providers.

Adding bling to the brandAdding bling to the brand
There appears to be a thriving market for high-end cellphones that look great - many women especially treat them as fashion accessories and not communication appliances. Already some PRADA phones are being offered in upgraded, gold-trimmed cases, but PRADA feels that just having their name on the phones is enough to attract wealthy consumers in Japan.

The price? PRADA won't say what they're going to charge yet, issuing a teaser statement stating merely that "the price is still under negotiation". Drooling buyers had best start saving their yen right now! (via Japan Today)