The Predator Belt Buckle: Seriously Playful, Prohibitively Expensive

 In addition to its secondary meaning of involvement before or after the fact to various crimes and misdemeanors, accessories are  always those silent witnesses and adornments to otherwise ordinary apparel such as: dresses, pants, suits, gowns, etc. Belt buckles, particularly,  are often understated but they always lock in the finishing touch to any look.


The Predator Belt Buckle: Source: Damngeeky.comThe Predator Belt Buckle: Source:


A magnificient belt buckle

The Roland Iten Calibre R822 "Predator" mechanical belt buckle is like no other in the world for a number of reasons. First and foremost are its 167 components which include: 387 baguette, round-cut diamonds, 18-karat white gold and high-tech titanium used for the platform. The body of the belt buckle is white gold with red gold accents and the diamonds total 14.15 karats. The cost is beyond the realm of most mortals at a whopping  USD $466,012!


Predator Belt Buckle-Side View: Source: Damngeeky.comPredator Belt Buckle-Side View: Source:


There are only three of these belt buckles in the world, ensuring that if you are among those very few who can afford to buy this masterpiece comprised with all the precision, intricacy of operation, exotic materials and craftsmanship of the  finest Swiss watch, you stand alone both in your castle and probably in your country!

Roland Iten and the Predator belt buckle

Roland Iten  is a Swiss inventor whose trademark lies in the creation of spellbinding, unique gadgetry designed for men of wealth who have everything. His pieces are as much mechanical jewelry as they are clothing, an exclusive concept by itself. All of his creations are expertly crafted in his workshop near Lausanne from the finest materials and most streamlined manufacturing processes.


Predator Belt Buckle- Closed: Damngeeky.comPredator Belt Buckle- Closed:


If you are wondering how this amazing belt buckle got its  name and can't seem to keep images of intruders lurking in dark alleys out of your mind's eye, the answer is simple. The moniker derives from the fact that  this belt buckle eats up (and spits out) any other belt buckle out there. Period.

How does this incredible belt buckle work?

The Roland Iten Calibre R822 "Predator" belt buckle will easily fit any leather belt. It can be worn casually with jeans or with formal attire. It is conveniently constructed for one-handed operation, which means when holiday feastng has caused your stomach to expand from too much of any good thing, you can adjust the buckle while sitting at the table without anyone even noticing. You can also make similar adjustments while driving, albeit one hand on the wheel does present obvious perils.

Special features of  the "Predator" belt buckle

This incredible mechanical belt buckle offers four remarkable operations: quick change of the strap; one-handed operation of the buckle to tighten, and as mentioned above, to loosen the leather strap.

The "Predator" is exclusively designed, manufactured and assembled with the guaranteee that all mechanisms require no lubrication of any kind. This is accomplished via its 16 self-cleaning tracks in two rows of eight that accurately propel the sliding bar (tang slide).

This belt buckle represents amazing, one-of-a-kind artistry, but one question still lingers in the very expensive air. Where does one keep such a prize?   The closet hardly seems secure. Does one rent a vault for this belt buckle?

Oh well, one can dream.  Can't one ?

Closing thoughts about belt buckles:

My belt holds my pants up, but the belt loops hold my belt up. I don't really know what's happening down there. Who is the real hero? ~ Mitch Hedberg

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